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Beyond Success
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Every person will face transitions. These transitions require the right decisions. Right decision are based on the right voices and the right perspective. Your self image and personal being will be transformed through this inspirational work to transition you into success, prosperity, and living an abundant and blessed life!
$ 15.00 includes shipping & handling in the USA
The Apex Impartation
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The ancient mystery of Impartation unlocked and revealed! The Power of the Father-Son Impartation is made plain for all to see and receive in this new season of reformation. The reforming role of sons and the imparting principle of fathers will revitalize authentic Christianity, long forgotten, with the mystery of Impartation. Discover how God intended His Church to be run as a family and operate on Impartation
$ 15.00 includes shipping & handling in the USA
Daily Dose Devotional
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Daily Dose Devotional is short, concise, and thought-provoking. Each daily entry is a little espresso shot to start your day strong! Morning motivation that won't waste your time!

You are going to love it!

$ 12.00 includes shipping & handling in the USA
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